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Linux Junior irc chat only supports Netscape4.0, IE4.0 or above and Mozilla with Java support installed.
Please grant the permission when the pop up window appears.
If your browser is not supported or would like to use advanced options, you can join the chat room from a stand-alone irc client such as Xchat or BitchX. Connect to and join channel # ljr.
Supported Commands

The following commands are supported by the Linux Junior web chat. All IRC commands start with "/".  Some of the commands below are for the Linux Junior web chat only, some are common IRC commands that users may frequently use.

Command Description
/clear Clear the chat message screen.
/nick 'nick_name' Change your current nick name to a new 'nick_name'
/join '#new_channel_name' Leave your current channel and join a new channel.
Remember to supply "#" at the begining of your channel name.
/quit 'optional good bye message' Leave your current channel and disconnect from IRC network.
/msg 'nick' 'your message' Send a private message to a user with nick name 'nick'
/me Display the message in action format. 
/topic ; /topic '#channel' 'your topic' Display your current channel's topic or set your channel's topic
/ctcp 'nick_name' 'command' CTCP command includes "version", "clientinfo", "time", "echo"
/showurl '' Pop up a new browser window with the given URL content
"%C4message %C9,3this is color"
"%BThis is bold, %Rthis is reverse, %Uthis is underline"
This is a special way to create multiple color within single message.
Use the "%C" to indicate a color code ( equevalent to Crl-K in mIRC).

%B equivalent to Bold (Crl-B) in mIRC
%R equivalent to Reverse (Crl-R) in mIRC
%U equivalent to Underline (Crl-U) in mIRC
%O equivalent to Normalized (Crl-O) in mIRC

%$N, %$C, %$HN These special variables will be replaced by your current nickname, current channel you are in, and the hightlighted nickname. This can make JavaScript LiveConnect more easily to implement. Notice that there must be white space before and after these variables, otherwise the applet won't recognize them.

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